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SDSFINCA, together with exclusively and closely selected producers in excellence areas of wine production to the West and South of Europe, namely France, Spain, and Portugal, and with experienced associated oenologists, presents a strict wine selection, of noble grape varieties to introduce them to a clients’ list that appreciate and know what they want. With a value for money perfectly settled to their destiny markets.
We are a heterogeneous team, grouped in mutual cohesive sectors or departments, and always searching to promote its actives and to satisfy our customers, because we believe that it’s through our customers’ satisfaction that we build a sustainable growth strategy on a long-term.


Because we believe that wine, rigorously produced, selected and cared, allows us to taste exceptional flavors in any table, and we believe our values do not end when a bottle is sold, but they continue in the certainty that the client will return and appreciate the same or another wine.


We monitor our exclusive producers’ vineyard treatment; we take part in all the harvesting and product preparation in barrels, and we provide demanding wines to all importers, carefully selected by and strict oenology and exclusive producers group from several regions. Thus, allowing our customers to know a diverse range of flavors that are produced in some of the most diversified, and excellence production regions in the world.


  • We select and invite excellence wine producers.
  • We choose the Grape variety for our production.
  • We follow the vineyard’s treatment and farming processes.
  • We actively take part both in harvesting and in wine making processes.
  • We ascertain stage’s conditions and processing, and mainly the stabilization and bottling stages.
  • We present the wine, which we have selected, to our customers.
  • Our customers distribute the wine to their destination countries.

  • Our BRANDS.


    CASTO, it’s a brand that has in its horizon wine souls’ search for total purity. We believe the wine, just like Blood is the purest there is.
    Bull races are authentic, filled with tradition, just like the habit of producing, drinking, and appreciating wine. They are held all over Spain, and are properly appreciated.

    CASTO, arises with the same meaning, to make a journey through each Spain’s region or Province, flavoring with the soul wine’s producing pleasure, pure.
    Therefore, we present our customers this wine, with a pure soul journey through Spain’s flavors.

    Al Compás

    AL COMPÁS, in Spain, it is a traditional definition to define flamenco’s dancing rhythm, pace, measure, and rules.
    We believe tasting a wine is like a rhythm and the sensation of a beautiful flamenco dance, flavoring ‘a paso’, the red fruit aroma.

    AL COMPÁS wine has its origin in provinces where Flamenco it’s a cornerstone of Spain’s culture. We believe that tasting it is like tasting flamenco in your mouth.


    SIGNA, a symbol, a banner, a badge and a standard. An unique art, a principle, a river, a color, and its people. Just like Douro’s River. Douro’s River that is born in Spain, and flows to Europe’s westerner corner is flanked by magnificent slopes where green and red prevail, with its bucolic and floral vineyard plantations throughout vast valleys that compose those ledges resembling to labyrinths.
    An invitation we make to our client’s sensations through a full-bodied, strong, rough, crystal and lively wine in the mouth.

    We believe that this could well be one of the landscapes beyond UNESCO’S World Heritage, and where the best wines are produced, it would compose to perfection the green of hope on Portugal’s flag.


    D’AISE, the word per se says it all, with pleasure. Wine drinking is all about this, to drinking with pleasure. First of all, to drink with pleasure, the know-how and tasting knowledge are naturally and reciprocally connected.
    France is a country where wine is a part of its people daily life, wine’s its people asset, a reason for pride and international prestige; its vineyards are quality’s maximum expression, where Merlot is stark and essential. The different kinds of wine on small terrain spaces are remarkable.

    This brad is believed to have an added value by allowing to present wine grape varieties very distinct from that productive region, as well as allowing our clients to have in their list wines of several origins and of high level.
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