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Selection and Quality

We select only the best to grant our clients the best

Quality Assurance

Right from Varietiesing process, mechanical or manual, till bottling, through duly certified processes by each competent phytosanitary authority in each region, and properly monitored by SDSFINCA’s officials in each exclusive producer.


The grapevines are grown, and monitored on soils that are distinguished by their color, texture, structure, porosity, and permeability, with the respective pH, chemical, and biological control, producing the finest grapes for a selection of the varieties chosen.


By using a strict oenologist group of professionals, where knowledge build up allows us to test and analyze each sale group, tracking and registering every lot, to ensure quality among our customers.


We grade our offer, in round wines that together with minimum production quantities are able so satisfy, assertive and continuously, a continuous and balanced wine tasting for each Varietiesing, with a great quality/price ratio.


We effectively believe that the proximity proliferation with the client, through a strict and continuous bound, will be enough to offer markets the best, and envisage the return predetermined by quality.


Like a window approaching the Varieties, being always reachable through the channels that information technologies provide us, will be the main factor to be closer to the consumers. Drinking from their experiences to improve continuously.